Bamfords Top Flight

Stand: J1
Bamfords Top Flight
Bamfords Top Flight
Globe Mill
Midge Hall
PR26 6TN
Tel: 01772 456300
Fax: 01772 456302
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Bamfords Top Flight are a growing and innovative family run company, now in its third generation. Wholesalers to the pet trade, delivering throughout the uk,we offer an excellent range of products at competitive prices with good availability, working in partnership with pet retailers. As manufacturers of top quality pigeon,wild bird and aviary foods, we can also give customers a great advantage in terms of value, quality control and flexibility in product choice.


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Animal supplements | Bowls | Collars | Feeding bowls | Muzzles | Pet beds | Pet carriers | Pet grooming | Pet medicare | Pet products/accessories | Pet toys | Pet treats | Bird accessories | Cat accessories | Dog accessories | Small animal accessories | Animal bedding | Dog and cat bedding | Reptile and bird bedding | Small animal bedding | Bird boxes | Bird feeders | Wild bird feeders | Wild bird food | Bird cages | Small Animal cages | Cat doors/flaps | Cat litter | Cat litter trays | Dog coats | Dog leads | Animal/general food | Bird food | Cat food | Dog food | Fish food | Small Animal food | Pet pest control | Bird toys | Cat toys | Dog toys | Pond treatments

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