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AB7 Santé Stand: K40

Alzoo offers a complete range of pet care and hygiene products :

- Flea & tick products (spot-on, collars, shampoo, spray for the animal and its environment)

- Grooming shampoo (hypoallergenic, anti-itch, gentle puppy, 2-in-1)

- Concentrated shampoo for a more sustainable approach (no single use plastic, no shipping water, reducing carbon footprint, economic solution)

- Stain & Odor remover

- Deodorizer / Litter 

- Calming/ antistress products (collar, spray, diffuser)

- Mobility & Wellbeing (hemp collar, vitality collar, spot-on, spray and oil)

- Specific cares (ear and eye cleaners, paw care)

- Behavior deterent

- Horse products


At PATS Telford


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