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Feed Me!

Assisi Pet Care Stand: F40
  • Feed Me!
  • Feed Me!
  • Feed Me!
Feed Me! Feed Me! Feed Me!

100% complete and nutritious soft moist kibble. 

A great alternative to dry dog food, FEED ME! blends popular proteins and vegetables, along with all the essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals that, not only helps keep your dog healthy but, also gives them a food they will love to the bottom of their bowl. 

FEED ME! can help your dog's nutritional needs with:- 

  • HEALTHY DIGESTION - helped by chicory extract & wholegrain fibre
  • HEALTHY BODY & MUSCLE TONE - supported by high quality meat proteins
  • HEALTHY SKIN & COAT - assisted by omega fatty acids vitamin A and zinc
  • HEALTHY TEETH & STRONG BONES - aided by vitamin D and calcium
  • NATURAL DEFENCES - immune supporting tocopherol-rich antioxidants
  • HEALTHY EYES & VISION - supported by added vitamin A

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