29th September to 1st October 2024  |  Telford International Centre

Gizzls 100% Natural Dog Treats for Allergies and Immunity

Gizzls Stand: P16
Gizzls 100% Natural Dog Treats for Allergies and Immunity
Gizzls 100% Natural Dog Treats for Allergies and Immunity
Gizzls 100% Natural Dog Treats for Allergies and Immunity

💚 Astragalus is not only an antihistamine and anti-inflammatory, but also has antibiotic properties. It increases energy and resistance to disease, and strengthens and stimulates the immune system. It can both prevent and treat infections, so it is a great adaptogen for animals whose allergies have progressed to dermatitis or otitis (ear infection).⁠

🍄 Reishi Mushroom is also known as the mushroom of immortality! And for very good reason. The biggest benefit of Reishi mushrooms is their ability to support your dog's immune system.

Allergic reactions are a result of the immune system responding incorrectly. Reishi mushrooms have immune-modulating powers, which can relieve allergic reactions, such as itching and breathing problems. These mushrooms are also made of ganoderic acid, which suppresses the release of histamines, which are what cause allergy symptoms.

🌿 Nettles not only boost your pet's immune system, but their antihistamine properties can help relieve your dog's allergic reaction. ⁠

🥥 Coconut oil helps reduce itchiness in the skin. Because it contains lauric acid which decreases yeast production (anti-fungal), it contributes to healthy skin and decreases allergic reactions. ⁠

Using these ingredients together, creates a powerful biscuit for a much less itchy and scratchy doggie.⁠ And one with a very shiny, healthy coat!


We had a fantastic experience exhibiting at PATS, where we were able to showcase our products. PATS provides us with an excellent platform to connect with industry professionals, gain valuable market insights, and establish relationships, making it a truly successful and rewarding experience.

Charlie Williams
Commercial Director |  Canagan Group

The amount of new products on display is amazing. A visit to PATS is more than worthwhile - it's essential if you're a serious retailer.

Amanda Tallis
Harrys Pets

PATS is the show not to be missed, we get busier every year without a doubt

Rob Newsome
Director Sales and Operations |  Danish Design

This year was my seventh trip to PATS. It’s so important for us to keep up to date and stay relevant, and the event helps us to do that every year

Jo Sutton
Owner |  Discount Feeds in Wetherby
I think the show is important to the industry as it gives people the chance to talk face to face. I loved the New Starter Zone
Jo Milnes
Distinctive Pets, Yorkshire
As a Dutch-based supplier of live, frozen and dried fish food, aquarium plants and water treatments to UK retail outlets, public aquaria and zoos, I am thrilled to hear that PATS is introducing a dedicated aquatics section into its trade show. The fusion of pets and aquatics under one roof promises a great three-day event.
Joey Abrahams
Commercial Director |  Aquadip
PATS has helped support and raise the profile of Furr Boost, especially on the back of the New Starter Zone last year. At this year’s show we would be happy to talk about our experience in the Den (Dragons' Den) as well as our Super Charged, Award Winning smoothies.
Louise Toal
Director |  Furr Boost

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