PATS Telford Exhibitor Manual

Please take some time to read the full PATS Telford 2022 Exhibitor Manual which covers all aspects of exhibiting at the show. We’ve done our best to include all the information you’ll need to help make your run up to the show smooth and hassle-free. All the forms are listed below along with the manual and forms checklist.

Under the Construction, Design and Management regulations (CDM), the Site Induction document must be read by all exhibitors before coming on-site.  Download the site induction for Telford.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us on +44 (0)1892 862848 or email Jo Scotting in Operations.

Forms & reference documents

Forms Checklist including deadlines

PATS Telford Exhibiting Manual

Form 1 - Health & Safety Declaration (completed)

Form 2 - Risk Assessment Form

Form 3 - Livestock on Stands

Form 4 - Show Leaflets

Form 5 - Sponsorship
                Sponsorship Opportunities Information

Form 6 - Show Offers 

Form 7 - Lifting & Forwarding

Form 8 - Contractor Passes Request

Form 9 - Additional Furniture Order Form

Form 10 - New Product Entry Form
                   New Product T&C's 

Form 11 - Fascia Nameboard (to be completed by all exhibitors)

Form 12 - Shell Scheme Accessories