Form 3 - PATS Telford 2022 Livestock on Stands

PATS 2022

Please return by 19th August 2022

Before submitting this form please read the regulations at the bottom of this form.

24HR CONTACT (in case of emergency)

We intend to bring the following livestock to PATS Telford 2022:

Regulations concerning Livestock on Stands at PATS 2022

Please ensure you read the following information carefully before submitting your Form 3.  All forms must be submitted as soon as possible to the Organisers, for approval by the Venue, and no later than the deadline date on this form.

a)         Livestock/Animals shall at all times be kept in suitable accommodation (i.e. size, cleanliness, ventilation, lighting, temperature) in line with the Animal Welfare Act 2006 and any relevant and subsequent legislation.

b)         Livestock/Animals being exhibited outside of a cage/enclosure must be suitably controlled or adequately tethered AT ALL TIMES to ensure the safety of visitors and staff.

            Dogs should be kept on leads and can be exercised outside of the venue.  Removal of waste is the responsibility of the exhibitor.

c)         Only the exhibitor or an authorised member of their staff will be permitted to remove animals from their enclosures.

d)         If the stand is left unattended, exhibitors must ensure that all livestock/animals are properly contained. 
In the case of these being left overnight on the stand adequate provisions must be made to ensure the welfare of livestock/animals and a 24hr contact number MUST be supplied on Form 3.

e)         No selling of livestock/animals, such as birds or fish, will be permitted within the exhibition hall either during or after the exhibition.

f)          Any livestock/animals deemed to be potentially dangerous shall be effectively guarded to prevent injury to others and this safety must be maintained throughout.  In some instances a keeper may need to be present at all times – please contact the Organisers if this is applicable to your stand.

g)         It is the responsibility of the Exhibitor to ensure they have taken out adequate insurance on their stand to cover any livestock/pets brought on-site.

h)         Any dogs being kept on exhibitor’s stands MUST have an official pass.  These are sent out on receipt of this form two weeks before the show.  The pass can be looped around their collar.

The Organisers & Venue(s) reserve the right to limit the number and type of livestock/animals exhibited without giving reason and to instruct the removal of any unfit or unsuitable livestock.

Don’t forget - if you need water on your stand please arrange this as soon as possible to avoid unnecessary delays during build-up/breakdown.  Please refer to “Water & Waste” at the rear of the exhibitor manual for full details.

Please note – visitors are not allowed to bring dogs or any other animals to the show, with the exception of assistance dogs.  There can be no exceptions to this regulation.