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Sponsored Carrier Bags
Carrier Bags
Sposnored Catering Areas
Catering Areas
Sponsored Stair Rises
Stair Rises
Floor Tiles
Floor Tiles

Being part of our exclusive show offers, promotions and exceptional branding brings buyers to your stand.  Why not maximise your presence at the show by taking advantage of one or more of our sponsorship opportunities? This is just a selection of our ideas and we’d love to hear if you have your own suggestions or would like something different.

   Entrance Sponsorship – why not get to your PATS visitors as they first arrive at the Show by sponsoring an entrance registration point with your exclusive branding. 

   Carpet tiles bearing your brand – strategically placed on the floor of PATS – a smart and cost-effective way to highlight your brand and signpost visitors to your stand.

   Show carrier bags – every one of the 3,897 visitors to PATS 2016 were given a carrier bag with their free show catalogue – so why not sponsor both or one side of the carrier bags and visibly promote your brand at PATS 2017.

   Leaflet distribution – handed out to every visitor in our show carrier bags.

   Visitor tea/coffee vouchers - sponsoring the vouchers for our complimentary PATS 'cuppa' is a great way to get your brand into the hands of every visitor.

   Lanyards – every visitor wears a badge at the show. Lanyard sponsorship is the perfect way to raise awareness of your brand.

   Pens – picking up a pen with your logo - another great way to get your name remembered.

   Direct Mail – a massive 90% of visitors to the show pre-register to visit, either by post or email.  Why not capture the moment and tell them about your company, products and special offers through one of our visitor database mailings?

We work hard to make sure visitors know about your new products and unique offers through our ads, direct mail, the PATS website and distinctive sponsorship.  Details of all our PR and marketing opportunities for exhibitors can be found in our Exhibitor Manual, accessed through the Exhibitor Zone or call us on 01892 862848.

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