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Our Vet Dermatologist created dog shampoo and coat spray is ideal for sensitive, itchy skin.  You love your pet, so of course you want the fastest relief possible from dry, itchy, irritated or sore skin, right? Our customers rave about how our products work quickly to calm the skin whilst maintaining optimal skin condition to help keep your dog's dermis in balance for smoother skin.  You will see results within 2 to 3 washes.  DermOpt® uses specially formulated ingredients that work in harmony with your dog's skin to lift & remove impurities, provide air flow and open pores.


90 West Drive
Highfields Caldecote
CB23 7NY
United Kingdom

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  • DermOpt horse shampoo

    06 Sep 2018
    Horse shampoo to keep skin and coat healthy and clean
  • The Dermopt Dog Grooming Kit includes one each of the best-selling, highly effective and proven product line:  500ml Shampoo, 500ml Coat Care Spray, 500ml Foam Dog Wash, one pack of 56 Cleansing Wipes ...
  • DermOpt foam dog wash

    24 Jul 2018
    Introducing our fabulous new Foam Dog Wash.  Use this instead of dog shampoo at to help eliminate doggy odours, general dirt and condition your dogs coat. To help eliminate the fox and badger smell fr ...
  • DermOpt pet wipes

    24 Jul 2018
    Cleansing wipes for pets, dogs and cats. Removes dirt and deodorises smelly coat, pet odour remover Suitable for sore or sensitive skin, cleans and freshens the coat, use in first aid too Ideal for wi ...
  • DermOpt hand rub

    20 Jul 2018
    GREAT FOR EVERY DAY USE As This Sanitzer is Alcohol Free So Does Not Dry Out Your Skin But Leaves Your Hand Feeling Soft HOSPITAL GRADE And Effective Against Germs So Ideal For Quickly Sanitising Hand ...
  • CONTAINS NewGenn® technology Fast acting to soothe itchy skin and scratching, nourishes and hydrates your dog's skin Created by a Vet to help keep your dog's skin in balance and maintain optimum condi ...
  • DermOpt dog shampoo

    20 Jul 2018
    VET DERMATOLOGIST CREATED, GROOMER APPROVED - DOG SHAMPOO for SENSITIVE, ITCHY SKIN - ELIMINATES DOG SMELLS: Unlike other shampoo and conditioner combos for itchy skin dogs, DermOpt® uses specially fo ...
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