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Dicky Bag

Stand: J30
Dicky Bag

Designers and manufacturers of the patented, innovative, unique and essential Dicky Bag, a lightweight, odour proof portable bin for all leads, bags or belts, making it easy, pleasant and fashionable to be a responsible dog owner, and our award winning, versatile treat bags, with Instant access, no spill, no grease.  We also have a variety of neoprene bags for walkers, pet strollers and mobility scooters, plus our ever popular mats that are great for comfy seating on cold, wet or hot days for humans or dogs. EVERYTHING is UK MADE in CORNWALL, fully washable and robust, ideal for outdoor/adventure lifestyles


1, St Marys Road
United Kingdom

  • Open and Closed at the same time. Award winning versatile treat bags, Instant access, no spill, no grease. Machine Washable.
  • Introducing, Neoprene Dicky Bags, they are portable airtight bins. You can’t smell it, can’t see it, freedom from that bag at last! Lightweight, odourproof, machine washable & made in Cornwall. Weighi ...
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