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Lider Pet Food

Stand: F76
Lider Pet Food

As Turkey's largest dry food producer with 220,000 tons/year production capacity, Lider Petfood is providing more than 300 different pet food, treats and cat litter products under 13 brands. Especially Reflex brand has biggest product assortment with dry pet food, wet food, treats and cat litters where very few brands have this kind of wide assortment and attractive product portfolio. Lider Pet Food is the number one exporter of Turkey with more than 65 countries and continues to expand its territory to whole of the world.


Anadolu Cad. No:41
Megapol Tower
K:10 D:101, Bayrakli Izmir

  • Reflex Dry & Wet Foods Reflex Treats Reflex Cat Litters
  • Reflex Plus Cat & Dog Food The biggest dry and wet food family of Turkey by the number one producer, Lider Pet Food.
  • SPECTRUM VETERINARY SERIES New generation dry food specially formulated for veterinary clinics
  • SPECTRUM LOW GRAIN Excellent nutrition is in their nature! Considering its high protein and energy level and low carbohydrate content, it is mostly intended for the nutrition of carnivorous animals.
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