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Pet Remedy

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Unique and clinically proven natural de-stress and calming for mammals and birds.

Valerian based with Vetiver, Basil, and Clary Sage essential oils.

Ideal for settling pets in new home and other stressful situations such as bonding, travel, fireworks, separation anxiety.

Works with pet's own natural calming mechanisms and starts to help instantly.

Range comprises calming sprays, handy individual calming wipes, diffuser, and battery operated atomiser.

For 2018 we have calming bandana kits, and grooming kit with de-tangle calming pre-wash, calming shampoo, and conditioning spray with Rosehip, Moss, and Bramble extracts.

Developed and made in England.




Woodland Business Park
United Kingdom


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  • Calming Pet Pad

    30 Jul 2018
    •Luxury padded fur fleece cover •Includes the Pet Remedy 15ml refillable Calming Spray •40cm x 47cm (16″ x 18″) •Can also be used with the Pet Remedy Low Voltage Heat Pad To create a naturally calming ...
  • We know that grooming can be stressful for you and your pet. Using the unique, clinically proven pet remedy blend of essential oils, we have created a three step routine to help reduce stress during b ...
  • All you need to keep your pet calm and relaxed during fireworks & party season 1 x 60 day plug diffuser 1 x 15ml calming spray 3 x individual calming wipes RRP £25 Trade Price £12.50 Special price for ...
  • Party Season Counter Display Pack 3 x Party Season Survival Kits   3 x diffuser refll packs 3 x 200ml Calming Spray 3 x refllable mini sprays 3 x calming wipes (packs of 12) Plus FREE professional pac ...
  • Party Season Floor Standing Unit 6 x Party Season Survival Kits   3 x Diffuser Refll packs 6 x 200ml Calming Spray 12 x Refllable Mini Sprays 6 x calming wipes (12’s) 2 x Battery Atomisers 2 x Battery ...
  • Party Season - Be Prepared!

    30 Jul 2018 Rob Tyler
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