Pup Pup Foods

Stand: E78
Pup Pup Foods

Pup Pup Foods is one of the world's first functional, insect-based dog brands -- giving buyers the opportunity to lead on several consumer pet trends: sustainability, functionality, emotional and physical welfare, and high-quality superfood ingredients. Our anti-anxiety, prebiotic, and dental products are relevant, on-trend, and in demand.

We are the first Irish company to produce insect-based pet products and we are the first company worldwide to produce cricket-based dental sponges and calming chews.  To our knowledge, Pup Pup’s Top Pup Nutritious Meal Topper (microbiome booster) is the first insect-based nutritional meal topper in any market worldwide.


5 Croghan Industrial Estate
Emoclew Road
Co Wicklow


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