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Every pet owner worries about what they feed their dog but ask them how much they drink and you'll usually get a blank look!

2/3 dogs don't drink the vet recommended 50ml/kg bodyweight daily risking dehydration so we developed super tasty Slurps packed with high omega 3 fish oils. Dogs lap them up!

Slurps aren't just for thirsty dogs. They're great for stimulating fussy eaters, dry/raw diets, active dogs, recuperating dogs or as a low calorie drink treat.

Just pour into the food bowl between meals or over their dinner.


10 Prestonville Road
United Kingdom

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  • Slurps concentrated drinks for dogs are convenient single portions of our nutritious drinks. Pour the sachet into 1/3 mug water to make 100ml Slurps to pour into the food bowl as a tasty drink between ...
  • Slurps nutritious drinks for dogs come in ready to drink, reclosable 250ml pouches. Made from all natural, organic ingredients Chicken and beef flavours. 9 months ambient shelf life Once opened, can b ...
  • Slurps help the 2 out of 3 dogs that don’t drink the daily vet recommended 50-60ml per kg bodyweight.



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