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TNC PETS Sp. z o.o. is a Polish, family-owned company manufacturing the highest quality chews and toys for dogs.

Our huge experience of working with antlers allows us to produce by hand really unique antlers chews.

We also offer dog chews made from himalayan cheese, olive wood, coffee wood and heather root. We produce dog toys in the form of natural cotton rope in various variations. 

Combining our experience and the knowledge of leading animal supplement laboratories, innovative COLLAGEN treats for dogs have been created! 

✪ We sell our products under 4DogsOriginal brand or as your private label! ✪



Dog Cookies with Antler Filling COLLAGEN
You should check out our innovative soft-filled dog biscuits. This is the perfect dog treat that has been enhanced with the addition of deer antler!  Available in three versions: Skin and Coat Joints …
Meat Strips and Gnocchi with Antler Powder COLLAGEN
Collagen Line is our new range of chews and treats enriched with deer antler powder. It includes snacks in the form of dried meat strips and dried meat gnocchi.
Peanut Butter / DogChock with Antler Powder COLLAGEN
As part of the Collagen Line, we are also able to offer you peanut butter and dogchoc, which are also enriched with deer antler powder. They are perfect for filling toys and mats, and for helping to a …
Chhurpi – Original and Flavored Himalayan Chew
Himalayan cheese for dogs is a hard, healthy and natural chew. It helps take care of your dog’s dental hygiene, removing excess tartar, while also being a healthy treat for dogs of all breeds! Chhurpi …
Antler Chews - from Naturally Shed Deer Antlers
Deer antlers are an all-natural, long lasting chew toys your dog will love. TNC Pets Antlers chews are odor-free, will not splinter and will help keep your dog busy and out of trouble keeping his teet …
Natural Cotton Rope Toys with Antler
It’s no secret that dogs love playing tug of war, and the perfect toy for that is the classic rope toy. But dogs also love chewing on all-natural chews, so we combined the two to make one toy that all …
Wood Chews for Dogs - Coffeewood, Olivewood & Heather Root
A wooden dog chew is a great and natural toy! The wooden chews we offer are made from the roots of heather, olive or coffee tree branches. All these types of wood are very durable and 100% natural. Th …
Natural Cotton Rope Toy with Wood
We can also offer you rope toys with chews made of natural and safe wood – heather root, olive wood or coffee wood. Dogs love tug-of-war games, as well as wooden toys or sticks. Therefore, the combina …
Bully Sticks Beef Pizzle - Premium & Super Premium
Bully sticks are made out of dried beef penises. They are robust and long lasting chews for dogs. Chewing them will satisfy almost every dog! They are rich in flavour but at the same time odor free. H …
Dried Baltic Sprats - Dried dog treat OMEGA
Discover the great taste and health-promoting properties of our dried Baltic sprats - the perfect snack or reward for your dog! Reduce the risk of skin allergies and enjoy your pet's satisfaction with …
Dried Ears for Dogs - Rabbit, Beef, Pork
Experience canine satisfaction redefined with our meticulously crafted dried ears for dogs. Elevate your pet's snacking experience with our premium selection, meticulously sourced and expertly prepare …
Dried Beef Treats for Dogs - Tripe, Lungs, Trachea
Dried beef treats are another addition to our range. We can offer you four of the most popular dog snacks - tripe, lungs and tracheas. All these dog treats are sourced and processed in Poland! 
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    We had a fantastic experience exhibiting at PATS, where we were able to showcase our products. PATS provides us with an excellent platform to connect with industry professionals, gain valuable market insights, and establish relationships, making it a truly successful and rewarding experience.

    Charlie Williams
    Commercial Director |  Canagan Group

    The amount of new products on display is amazing. A visit to PATS is more than worthwhile - it's essential if you're a serious retailer.

    Amanda Tallis
    Harrys Pets

    PATS is the show not to be missed, we get busier every year without a doubt

    Rob Newsome
    Director Sales and Operations |  Danish Design

    This year was my seventh trip to PATS. It’s so important for us to keep up to date and stay relevant, and the event helps us to do that every year

    Jo Sutton
    Owner |  Discount Feeds in Wetherby
    I think the show is important to the industry as it gives people the chance to talk face to face. I loved the New Starter Zone
    Jo Milnes
    Distinctive Pets, Yorkshire
    As a Dutch-based supplier of live, frozen and dried fish food, aquarium plants and water treatments to UK retail outlets, public aquaria and zoos, I am thrilled to hear that PATS is introducing a dedicated aquatics section into its trade show. The fusion of pets and aquatics under one roof promises a great three-day event.
    Joey Abrahams
    Commercial Director |  Aquadip
    PATS has helped support and raise the profile of Furr Boost, especially on the back of the New Starter Zone last year. At this year’s show we would be happy to talk about our experience in the Den (Dragons' Den) as well as our Super Charged, Award Winning smoothies.
    Louise Toal
    Director |  Furr Boost

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