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WufWuf B2B

Toys, Treats and Chews designed in the U.K. by CAT & DOG OBSESSED PARENTS WufWuf is based in London / UK. Our company was born from the minds of loving pet parents, who have faced challenges shared by pet parents everywhere. What's the best toy and healthiest treat for my pet? Here at WufWuf we’re all pet parents.! We don't develop anything we can't give to our own pets! We design TOYS and TREATS to make HAPPY and HEALTHY. and... Yes, we design them in-house in the U.K.


9 Brewers Lane
United Kingdom


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  •   EXTRA LONG-LASTING CHEW FOR LONG LASTING FUN: Our Himalayan yak milk chews prolong the fun by using an ancient extra long-lasting recipe. This will entertain and stimulate your dog for hours, all th ...
  • Details  A complementary pet treat for dogs & puppies +8 weeks 70g Grain-free Low Fat Made in the U.K. (Yorkshire) 6 Super Healthy Recipes Fish Treats (70 grams) Game Treats (70 grams) Beef Treats (70 ...
  • Description  An apple fell from the sky, for our pooches. This adorable crunchy apple is designed to provide tons of fun with its vivid color and rustling sound. Details  Made with soft, non-toxic, pr ...
  • Description  The WufSalad is an interactive toy, designed to engage your dog's sense of smell, encourage their natural foraging skills, and slow down their eating process.  How it works Place a few do ...
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