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20 Mar 2018

PATS Sandown 2018 New Product Awards revealed

Neil Pope

The winners of the PATS Sandown 2018 New Product Awards, sponsored by pbwnews, were chosen by a team of nine expert pet retail judges, who arrived at the show before 9.30am on Tuesday, March 20, in order to make their choices from an impressive number of more than 180 new products entered.

Their decisions took into account a number of guideline criteria such as product innovation, design, quality, packaging and value for money.

The judges agreed that the New Product Showcase had produced a high calibre of entries with a tremendous amount of innovation. They were pleased to see such a wide range of products, and felt the majority of items on display showed some great innovation.

The Awards were presented to the winners at 1pm on Tuesday by Karen Pickwick, director of pbwnews, and show organizer Gordon Thomas.

Here is a full list of the winners together with the judges’ comments:

PATS Sandown 2018
New Product Award Winners (sponsored by pbwnews)

Bird Product
Singing Friend unifeedR
Unipet International (stand K14)

Judges said: This product is fairly priced, and has a modern, well-thought-out and different design. It offers good rain protection and is resistant to squirrels.

Cat Product
Pedigree Wholesale (stand D9)

Judges said: An attractive, well package product with a Valerian calming option. It will sit well on the self, as well as being a good impulse buy around the counter. It is also very well priced.

Dog Accessory Product
Grip’n’Tug Toy
PetSafe (Radio Systems) (stand G1)

Judges said: A robust toy specifically designed for large breeds. It encourages interactive and safe play.

Dog Food Product
Nutritional Booster
Soopa Pets (stand B1)

Judges said: This product has excellent packaging, a good price point and fantastic shelf appeal. Many dog owners will be attracted to the fact it’s a vegetarian option.

Dog Treat Product
Pawsecco Freeze Pops
Woof & Brew (stand F7)

Judges said: This product is a great line extension to an award-winning product. It’s refreshing to see a range develop this way. It is well packaged  and can be used for cats as well as dogs.

Grooming Product
Pet Remedy natural de-stress and grooming
Pet Remedy (stand K5)

Judges said: Good extension to the range, great packaging, clean and fresh, great price point.

Pet Care Product
Luxury Reversible Bandana Calming Kit
Pet Remedy (stand K5)

Judges said: A fun product and a calm way of introducing a calming product to any anxious dog. It is easy to administer.

Small Animal Product
Medium Animal House
Norfolk Industries (stand T14)

Judges said: The product has a good price point because you get a lot included. It will provide hours of fun for children and their small furry pets.

New Product Award Winning Photographs:

Photographs of the presentations will be available online on the web gallery of our official show photographer, SIRA Studio. A wide selection of photographs will be uploaded after the first day of the show, Tuesday, March 20, and will be available by 3pm on Wednesday, March 21. Here’s how to access them:

1.         Visit                           

2.         Click on Galleries

3.         Click on the Conference and Exhibitions folder

4.         Click on the PATS Sandown 2018 folder

5.         On the password screen enter: pats18sandown

For more information contact Neil Pope at or on 07595 442601.