"Atomo" Modern bed for cats and small dogs

Main body of the bed is made from PET acoustic felt which is firm yet soft to touch. We choose this innovative material because of its properties (sound absorbing, lightweight yet strong and non-allergenic) and also for the fact that its made from recycled plastic and can be recycled again, helping to minimise plastic pollution.

"Atomo" - Modern Pet Bed for Cats and Small Dogs.

Designed by our studio for medium-sized cats of healthy proportions and petite dogs.* 

Available in 7 different colours with complimentary cushion in super-soft fabric for the ultimate comfort. Cushion comes in 9 primary colours depending on your preference and with detachable cover for easy cleaning. Size is 40cm in diameter and about 6-7cm thick.

Dimensions: 54x48x13cm.
Weight: 0,9kg with the cushion, 0,6kg without.


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