23 Jan 2020

Bringing the Outside in for Naturally Happy Pets With Penny & Pepe

Bringing the Outside in for Naturally Happy Pets  With Penny & Pepe
Penny & Pepe pet grass SRP - 4 units per SRP

Fresh, ready-grown pet grass brand, Penny & Pepe, is available to order at stand T17 at PATS Sandown 9th and 10th February 2020.

Made from a mixture of wheat, oats and barley, Penny & Pepe pet grass is suitable for cats, dogs, reptiles, birds and small animals and is designed to make our furry, feathered and scaled friends feel naturally stimulated, entertained and energised as they nibble and play with the tactile grass, encouraging interaction and playful behaviours.

Rosie Acton, commercial lead for Penny & Pepe, said: “At Penny & Pepe we’re all about bringing the outside in for naturally happy pets. We are delighted to be introducing the first ready grown pet grass product in the UK at PATS this year. We firmly believe that pets are part of the family and it’s important they feel happy at home. By bringing the outside in, our pets can get more from their space and time at home.”

Penny & Pepe pet grass, which has a RRP of £4.99, is grown in the UK without pesticides or insecticides and comes in recyclable/compostable packaging.

Penny & Pepe pet grass will be available to the trade to order during PATS show on 9th and 10th February 2020 by visiting the stand (T17).

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