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Fish4Pets Launches Puppy Treats Range

Fish4Pets Launches Puppy Treats Range
Rudy – Hungarian Vizsla puppy, part of the Fish4Dogs family, with the new Fish4Dogs Puppy treats range.

The champions of fish are well known in the pet food industry for pioneering fish as ‘the perfect protein’, packed full of natural, healthy goodness for our canine companions.

Karen Hubbard, Product Portfolio Manager at Fish4Pets® explains ‘we have one of the largest range of treats in the industry, utilising many different varieties and formats of natural, healthy, sustainably-sourced fish, and whilst many of our treats are suitable for puppies, we have never before had a specific life stage range.

We have taken three of our leading alluring adult dog treats and formulated them specifically for growing puppies, each product in the range addressing a specific need of a developing puppy.’

The new range gives puppy owners absolute confidence that the treats are appropriate for their new canine companions and that they are safe and healthy for them to enjoy.

The new packaging, which complements the adult range, but clearly differentiates the two categories, also makes it much easier for retailers to merchandise, and simpler for the consumer to make an informed product selection.

For a puppy training regime, Fish4Dogs® Puppy Superstars Sardine treats are small, crunchy treats which are wildly aromatic to keep a puppy engaged.

To support the development needs of a puppy Fish4Dogs® Puppy White Fish Mini Morsels are delicious, tiny fish-shaped treats that are super tasty and enhanced with prebiotics to help support good digestion. Perfect for delicate tummies.

Supporting joint development, Fish4Dogs® Puppy Salmon Mini Morsels are flavour-packed, mini fish-shaped treats with added nutrients that support good joint health.

All the treats in the new Puppy range are grain-free, healthy, and full of marine-sourced omega 3, known to support joints, skin, coat and cognitive development, so a perfect complement to healthy feeding.

The puppy treats range is the second in an extensive programme of new product introductions for the Fish4Dogs® brand this year. The brand introduced a senior variant to its Finest Dry Complete range in January and has plans for more exciting new food and treats later in the year.

For more details on the Fish4Dogs® Puppy Treats products, please contact your representative, or call Fish4Pets® on +44 (1299) 252 352.

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