02 Mar 2022

Goodchap's Award Winning Friendly Squid

Goodchap's Stand: H54
Goodchap's Award Winning Friendly Squid

Clean up our coast, help us clean up the UK’s beaches!

As well as making sure all of our packaging is plastic free and biodegradable, Goodchap's also help to clean up the plastic that’s littering our coastline.


Meet the dog toy that’s helping supply equipment and aid to litter picking volunteers all across the UK. Purchase ‘The Friendly Squid’ and you’ll be helping supply equipment and aid to litter picking volunteers all across the UK

The Friendly Squid is a tentacled rope toy that’s great for multiple dogs to play with and tug of war. As well as being great mental stimulation for any dog, this toy is also helping clean up the places you take them for walks.

We are proud to say that GLEE has awarded The Friendly Squid with its New Product Award in the Pet Accessories category!

For more information on when our next litter picking event, or which organisations we are giving equipment/aid to, please follow @goodchaps.uk on instagram or Facebook, or visit http://goodchaps.co.uk/


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