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"Hexo" - Modern House for Cats and Small Dogs

“Hexo” has six removable eyelets for air flow and occasional “game of claws”. There’s a conveniently placed handle at the top for easy transportation. Please see pictures as examples.

Cleaning: “Hexo” can be cleaned with a sticky roller and vacuum-cleaner. Use damp cloth or for more serious staining use lightly soapy sponge and allow to dry naturally. Do not use strong detergents or scented soaps, your furry friend will not appreciate this and may never use his/hers habitat again.
Dimensions: width-47cm, height-48.5cm.

Available in 4 different colours with complimentary cushion in super-soft fabric for the ultimate comfort. Cushion comes in 9 primary colours depending on your preference and with detachable cover for easy cleaning. Size is 40cm in diameter and about 6-7cm thick. It may compress slightly during use. Caring instructions can be found inside.

Weight: 2.8kg with the cushion.
Materials: acoustic PET felt (60% recycled content), waxed eco-friendly fibre board, acrylic faux fur, polyester filler, cotton shell.

Please note that all our products including “Hexo” are not designed to be used by children but by domestic pets only. Avoid sitting or standing on them and keep well away from fire. For interior use only.

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