25 Apr 2019

MuttMOP® - The Complete Doggy Drying Solution

MuttMOP® - The Complete Doggy Drying Solution
When it comes to drying, we've got it covered!

The MuttMOP® collection of dog drying products, developed by George Barclay, are the ‘must-have’ accessories for dog owners. The collection comprises of ALL the products a dog owner may require to, dry and clean their dog after a wet & muddy walk, something British dog owners are all too accustom.

The MuttMOP® products utilise microfibre cleaning & drying technology. The material removes dirt effortlessly, locking it away within the material’s fibres. The same technology means these products will absorb more water and dry faster than conventional products. Meaning they are not only great for the dog, they are also convenient for the owner.


The MuttMOP collection includes:

  • Dog Towel (available in 2 sizes, Rrp: £3.99 - £5.99)
  • Deluxe Dog Towel (available in 3 colours, Rrp: £13.99)
  • Deluxe Grooming Mitt (available in 3 colours, Rrp: £6.99)
  • Deluxe Dry Mat (available in 3 colours & 2 sizes, Rrp: £13.99 - £24.99)
  • Dog Drying Robe (available in 3 colours & 8 sizes, Rrp: £13.49 - £27.99)


These products are supplied in retail packaging, clearly displaying the products USP’s, as well as coherent branding across the product range. An additional POS package is available to further enhance these products in-store presence.


To find out more about the MuttMOP® collection of drying products, as well as other products developed by George Barclay, please visit: www.georgebarclay.com or e-mail: sales@georgebarclay.com

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