19 Dec 2019

Paleo Ridge Raw launches Paleo Plus range

Paleo Ridge Raw launches Paleo Plus range
Paleo Plus product range

Paleo Ridge is delighted to announce the launch of a new collection of next generation raw dog food products

The ‘Paleo Plus’ range consists of 8 products, each of which have been carefully formulated with help from leading raw nutrition specialist Dr. Conor Brady. 7 of the 8 products will be complete and balanced with the 8th being a superfood mix that customers can use to give a significant nutritional boost to their regular raw dog food meals. The ingredients we use have each been meticulously selected for their nutritional prowess including a greater range of high-quality, lean meat additions, a greater array of organ contents, specific bone contents and a variety of nutrient additions known for both their nutrient and bioactive potential in dogs.
Tyler Daly, MD of Paleo Ridge ‘The Paleo Plus range, born out of overwhelming customer demand, has been carefully created from the ground up with nutrition at the very forefront. With Paleo Plus’, our customers can expect the same outstanding quality that Paleo Ridge is well known for, with a selected range of superfoods blended into each mix. We’ve taken our time and are very pleased with the end result! We hope that our customers enjoy them too.’

The entire range comes in 500g compostable packaging and includes a support product, specifically created for those seeking a low phosphorus or low purine diet, as well as a wide range of single protein complete meals.


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