20 Sep 2021

ProDog Raw expands 2021 catalogue of raw food and supplements

ProDog Raw expands 2021 catalogue of raw food and supplements
ProDog Raw Complete Range Of Supplements

ProDog Raw has released its updated 2021 range of supplements and raw foods, and is on track to have supplied 10 million raw meals by the end of the year. ProDog Raw offer customers a variety of raw food options and supplements formulated for dogs, provides advice and guidance resources on its website and social media pages, as well as a dedicated customer service and nutrition advice team.

Raw Food Range

Complete and Exotic Complete Raw food

The Complete Range delivers the full spectrum of nutrients required to support the development, health and vitality of dogs.

The Exotic range delivers three meal options, pheasant, venison, and wild boar with offal. The Complete range includes lamb with offal, rabbit, beef with chicken, salmon with turkey, chicken, beef with offal, beef with green tripe, chicken with green tripe, turkey with offal, and duck.

Price: Available in 500g tubs form £1.90 or 1kg tubs from £3.25


Raw Puppy Food

This range delivers a specialised blend of high quality nutrients to support the growth, development and vitality of growing dogs, and uses a fine mince consistency for small mouths and baby teeth. Suitable for all puppies aged up to 24 weeks.

Flavours available include Chicken with Green Tripe, Beef with Chicken, Salmon with Turkey, and Chicken.

Price: Available in 500g tubs from £1.90


80:10:10 Raw Food

Made up from an exact ratio of 80% meat, 10% organ meat and 10% bones, this range is ideal for owners who like to choose their own additions. Suitable vegetables, fruits and toppings can be added with these mixes to suit a dog’s individual needs. 

The 80:10:10 range offer chicken, turkey, beef, beef & green tripe, beef & chicken, salmon & turkey, lamb, and rabbit options.

Price: Available in 500g tubs from £1.95 of 1kg tubs from £3.10


Supplement range

ProDog Raw’s range of supplements are made using natural botanics, nutraceuticals and superfoods, and act as a convenient way to enhance the nutrient density of a dog’s diet. 

ProDog Raw currently offer seven different supplements which are available from £24.99 per 300g tub. The supplements include Muscle+, an advanced mass gainer, Flexx, which delivers joint structure and mobility support, and Pr0tect, which helps reduce itching and irritation by reinforcing gut health and balancing inflammatory responses.

To view the full range of supplements, visit: https://www.prodograw.com/product-category/supplements/ 


Treats range

ProDog Raw offer a range of 100% natural treats, containing zero chemicals or preservatives. All the treats are grain and gluten-free, high in protein, low in fat and easily digestible. The treats are Omega-rich to help support healthy joints and glossy coats, while also promoting dental hygiene. Treats range from venison training treats to long-lasting chews such as ostrich bones and premium lamb shoulder strips.

To view the full range of treats, visit: https://www.prodograw.com/product-category/raw-dog-treats/ 


ProDog Raw is a raw dog food specialist that was started in 2016, and champions healthier lifestyles and diets for dogs with an expanding range of premium, human-grade ingredients. Its main goal is to raise awareness of the dangers that heavily-processed food presents to dogs and how reverting to a natural diet can benefit a dog’s appearance, behaviour and health. ProDog Raw has just released raw feeding guides for over 300 dog breeds, and has information on average weights and a handy calculator to work out feeding amounts for each.

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