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RelaxoPet Pro

RelaxoPet Pro
Ultimate solution for anxious pets

The RelaxoPet Pro assists in keeping pets calm, developed after years of research the RelaxoPet Pro uses aural vibrations to tune into your pets neural pathways offering counter conditioning to the fear of loud noises and other anxiety triggers – such as separation, fireworks, travelling, loud noises, etc.


Steve Driver, MD of Pet Trade Innovations says, ‘Many pets suffer from stress-related problems ranging from separation anxiety to fear of loud noises. We are delighted to be able to offer a solution with Relaxopet PRO to help calm pets. The initial response since the launch has been fantastic and we are also now seeing some excellent reviews and dogs really seeing the benefits. Relaxopet PRO is an innovative new device for pets that helps calm them by putting them into a deep relaxed state using frequent (Subliminal) vibrations. It’s easy to use, natural, with no side affects and can be effective on dogs, cats and horses.

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