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RIO Germination Set

RIO Germination Set

The ready-to-start germination kit that allows the owner to prepare a tasty and beneficial complementary feed on their own. The set includes all the necessary for germination at home things: mix of selected high-quality grains and seeds, special net and a plastic container with a cap. 

Germinated grains should be regularly included in the pets’ diet, as they contain larger amount of enzymes, vitamins and minerals compared to regular seed mixture.

Germinated seeds and grains are a perfect alternative to seeds in a milky-wax stage, which make up the diet of the birds in natural environment. Such grains are easier to grind in the muscular stomach providing better absorption of the nutrients that supports a healthy metabolism and enhance the bird's immune system.  

RIO makes the process of germination at home easy and fun for every pet bird owner.

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