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Signature Expands their range with seven new recipes

Signature by Pero have announced a massive extension to their already vast range of products available for traders all over the UK. These new recipes include a small bite range, a large breed range, and an extension onto the all-natural grain free & gluten free selection.

Pero director Jonathan Rees discussed the importance of this extension with us, and said “It is important that independent retailers are able to provide for every breed, size, type and preference of all dogs, some traders were mentioning that customers loved to feed their dogs with certain recipes but were unhappy with the kibble size, this is where the idea of bringing out a ‘small bite’ range came alight. We are happy to be able to cater to every ones needs and will continue to develop to meet the demand of the market for the foreseeable future, in turn opening even more revenue streams for Signature customers and boosting customer retention”.

All new products are now available via the Pero Trade website, contact us for more details about creating your own brand & range of dog foods.


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