18 Aug 2021

Tricks & Trivia

Tricks & Trivia

The fun, new and unique game you play with your dog!

Here at Goodchap’s we love dogs, and we know that all doggy parents share a unique bond with their four legged friends. This gave us the inspiration to develop the ‘Tricks and Trivia’ card game, created to both challenge and improve that special connection between human and hound - in a fun, friendly and safe environment.

‘Tricks and Trivia’ is the original card game that both you and your dog can play together. Compete against others to see which human and hound has the strongest bond.

Whether you wish to prove which family member has the strongest bond with your dog, or you and your pet wish to put your friendship to the test against other human and hound partnerships, you’ll have a great time playing this truth revealing, trick testing and canine quizzing game.

‘Tricks and Trivia’ is a great way to involve everyone in training and building friendships with dogs, from the kids to apprehensive friends or family members. ‘Tricks and Trivia’ provides valuable knowledge and skills to all who play.


Each pack contains 51 playing cards divided into:

TRICK: Test yourself and your dog in trick based challenges  

TRUTH: Reveal the true nature of your relationship with your dog, from the day-to-day walking and feeding, to the more quirky traits

TRIVIA: Quiz each other with 45 dog themed questions to test your canine knowledge, and maybe learn some new facts about your dog

BONUS: Turn the game on its head, Switch, Ditch and Spin the game in your favour


Upon purchasing this game you’ll receive a free 200g pack of Goodchaps training treats with your next order online at www.goodchaps.co.uk, details on how to claim your free treats can be found inside the game when received. T&Cs apply.

As well as this card game being designed and handmade in Britain, Goodchap’s are proud to say that we are a plastic free, eco-friendly and sustainable company. To find out more visit www.goodchaps.co.uk

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