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Taste The Himalayan Difference

Taste The Himalayan Difference

Pawfect Foods launches at PATS this September with an eclectic portfolio of nutritious, clean-deck treats that includes its flagship Himalayan cheese treats and snacks. 

As with Pawfect Foods dried fruit, veg and herb offerings, this is yet another nutritionally well-rounded treat (omega 3 & calcium rich) that celebrates our canines’ historically overlooked flexitarian tendencies.

Made to a traditional Himalayan recipe at an altitude of 15,000+ feet, this is a range of tasty, unrushed treats made by seasoned churpi makers courtesy of happy hormone-free herds (yaks and cows) raised in pristine, chemical-free pastures.

Dog-friendly dairy treats might sound a little avant-garde however the sheer volume of work required to produce a treat that is sun-dried for 35 days before being meticulously smoked to perfection (not to mention adverse weather, archaic transportation, ancient dialects………), means that this wasn’t a ‘healthier living’ initiative that was taken on without significant soul-searching.

The resulting, at ‘one with nature’ chew & puffs bars all come with sufficient crunch or chew to appease dogs of every imaginable size, age or lifestyle, from industrious working dogs to pampered urban pooches, tying in with Prash Patwardhan’s (founder) personal mission to pair nutritional worth and best-in-class ingredients with flavoursome products and processes from around the globe.

According to Prash, ‘There’s no question that there’s now a health-conscious revolution taking place within the premium tier pet food scene, an all-natural/guilt-free mindset that we’d now like to see adopted by a growing selection of best-in-class dog treats.’

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