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14-15 February 2021
The UK's Spring Pet Industry Exhibition



  • RelaxoPet Pro

    Liane Avery
    Domestic animals are afraid of loud noises, they trigger their nervous system and easily become anxious and afraid. This is their survival instinct kicking in.
  • The ‘Paleo Plus’ range consists of 8 products, each of which have been carefully formulated with help from leading raw nutrition specialist Dr. Conor Brady. 7 of the 8 products will be complete and ba ...
  • Get your 2020 off to a great start by attending PATS Sandown, the Spring pet industry exhibition. All the latest products to be launched by UK and international suppliers will be on view, giving you a ...
  • We know many independents feel they cannot compete on price with the larger retailers, which is why we give our stockists what they need to ‘do things differently’ and compete on a different level. 
  • “We made the decision to use Tetra Pak to reduce our environmental impact, and also to make it easier for our retailers to sell our range to our growing customer base and improve their DPC."
  • New Product Launch: Be:Loved

    17 Dec 2019 Carina Evans
    "Our new brand – Be:Loved - allows us to strengthen our portfolio and emphasise our commitment to the pet care sector, naturally. We have an ambitious range of giftable and practical kennel sprays, pa ...
  • WildWash Best Ever Nose Balm

    17 Dec 2019 Jane Cooper
    We can’t wait to launch our WildWash Best Ever Nose Balm!   It is the perfect SOS for dry noses. It will moisturise and soothe with its combination of Coconut and Almond Oil and will protect from the ...
  •   After noticing there was a gap in the market for eco-friendly dog treats and products, father and son team Liam and Mark Goodwin came together to create a plastic-free dog brand – Goodchap’s. After ...
  • It’s not often a new wholesaler launches into the UK Pet Food market but that’s exactly what’s going to be happening at PATS Sandown with the launch of Independent Pet Wholesale are fier ...