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PATS Telford Forum New Product Winners 2020

PATS Telford Forum New Product Winners 2020

Dog Treat Products & Best In Show


No Hide The Feast Limited Edition Chew by Earth Animal (from Pedigree Wholesale)

The healthy alternative to rawhide with turkey, pumpkin and cranberry.

RRP From £3.99

Best In Show

Cat Food & Products


Cat LickiMat Slomo from Sharples Pet

Varied surface LickiMat® Cat treat mat or slow feeder.

RRP £7.99

Dog Food Products


Eco-Friendly Premium Raw Core 80/10/10 Raw Frozen Dog Food from Wilsons Pet Food

UK made Raw Frozen dog food with NEW eco packaging

RRP From £2.20

Dog Accessories & Toys


Ultra Fetch Stick by Chuckit (from Pedigree Wholesale)

High durability, buoyancy, and visibility for games on water or land.

RRP £7.99

Small Animal & Bird Products


Pet Remedy Small Mammal Calming Kit from Pet Remedy

unique small mammal and bird de-stress and calming kit

RRP £12.50

Petcare Products


Country’s Best Minavital from Versele Laga

Enriched mineral mix for poultry.

RRP from £8.10

Grooming Products


HOWND Spa Banana Facial and Natural Tear Stain Treatment from HOWND

Banana Facial is a 2-in-1 face scrub & pH balanced stain treatment & removes dirt & discolorations

RRP from £12