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Printed Media (UK)


PBW News


Pet Care Retail

Pet Gazette

Practical Fishkeeping Magazine (PFK)

Kennel and Cattery Management

Garden Trade News

Garden Centre Update

Garden Retail

Garden Centre Retail        

Our Dogs

Total Grooming

Online Media (UK)


Pet Trade World

Ideas4Pet Retail

Practical Fishkeeping Online (PFK)

Pet Gazette

Garden Forum

Groomer to Groomer

Pet Trade Xtra

Pet Trade TV

PETS International

PET Worldwide

International Media


PETS International

PET Worldwide

Groomer to Groomer 

Pet Product News / International

The Hardware Journal

The Irish Garden

Trade Associations with newsletters


Pet Industry Federation (PIF)

Pet Product Retail Association (PPRA)

PetQuip (International Trade Association of Pet Equipment Suppliers)

BIRA Members Magazine

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