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Stock/Stand Products Donation to charity at the end of PATS Telford

We have organised a program for collecting leftover products from the event and donating them to charity, this is separate to the product left over on the New Product Showcase which will be donated to a different charity.

If you wish to donate any product from your stand it would be very helpful if we could have an idea of the type and quantity of the product you will be donating.

PATS Telford 2023 official charity chosen for exhibitor stand product donation is Jerry Green Dog Rescue

If you would like to donate products, here’s how to get involved:
To confirm that you wish to donate your stand product/stock to charity at the end of the show, please email Joanna Bladon, indicating the type and if possible the approximate amount of products you will be donating. The charity will accept all products, not just dog related.

Where do I take my donations?
There will be one drop off point at PATS Telford to leave your donated product:
PATS Grooming Workshop in Hall 3

When can I take my product to the drop off?
On Monday 2nd October between 4pm & 5pm, you can drop off products at this location. Staff at the collection point will receive donations and record the names of the companies that have donated.

If I leave product on my stand instead will this get donated?
No – any product left on your stand will be deemed as rubbish and disposed of – the venue will also charge for disposal of excess stock.

We truly appreciate your support and generosity.

If you have any questions or require further information, please don't hesitate to contact Joanna Bladon.

Jerry Green Dog Rescue

At PATS Telford


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