Benevo Puppy Food 2kg & 10kg

Benevo Puppy is a complete​ ​and​ ​balanced​ ​vegan food​ ​for​ puppies.

Launched​ ​in​ ​2012, it's first dedicated vegan puppy food in Europe!

This professionally formulated puppy food is made with healthy growth in mind. Carefully designed, Benevo Puppy Food is a nutritionally complete plant based pet food, with added calcium to support healthy bone growth in young dogs.
Featuring a completely wheat-free, meat-free ​recipe with no​ ​GM​ ​ingredients, and free from any artificial flavours or colours.

It contains a non-animal source of taurine, added L-carnitine, omega 3 & 6, calcium and vitamin supplements, a ​prebiotic​ ​FOS to aid digestion and Yucca extract to help with odours.
Suitable for pups up to 12 months old.

Did you know 1 in 20 of your customers are vegetarian? Plant based pet food creates great long term loyalty from customers buying for ethical, medical or religious reasons.

Accredited by the UK Vegetarian and Vegan Societies as well as PeTA for being cruelty-free. Awarded 100/100 by the Ethical Company Organisation. Our organic dog food is ranked 20/20, the highest score of any dog food by Ethical Consumer Magazine.