ComPoost’Em poo bags are a highly environmentally friendly alternative to plastic poo bags. We’ve ensured the production of our bioplastic poo bags is more energy efficient and safer to the environment thus reducing CO2 emissions.

  • Made from renewable raw material residues such as corn starch, which are not suitable for use in the food chain.
  • Disintegrates after 12 weeks (90 days) and completely biodegrades after six months; Compared to standard poo bags where the plastic might be there after 1000 years.
  • ComPoostem Poo Bags are suitable for industrial composting or disposing of as you would any other poo bag. Do NOT put them in your garden recycling bin.
  • To ensure ComPoost’Em’s are as environmentally friendly as possibly, they are packaged in a sustainably sourced cardboard box, certified by the World Land Trust.