07 Jul 2018

Curious Kitties: For Kittens - Chicken

Kittens, like cats are obligate carnivores which means they need lots of meat. That's why we've created our best kitten food, loaded with at least 77% chicken.

True to our philosophy, there's no added nonsense like artificial flavours, colours or preservatives and we've avoided common allergens like gluten, eggs and dairy making this a naturally hypoallergenic recipe.

A side of rice and carrot provide essential dietary fibre and dried cranberries are believed to help support a healthy urinary tract. While a helpful dose of active probiotics help maintain a healthy digestive system.

Salmon oil provides EPA & DHA for cognitive & visual development to make your curious kitty as bright as can be.

  • For kittens up to 24 months old
  • 77% Chicken
  • Gluten Free 
  • No Added Sugar 
  • Urinary Health from Cranberries
  • Naturally Hypoallergenic 
  • Made in the UK 
  • 750g