19 Jul 2021

Dog Cookies with Antler - with CBD by 4DOGS / TNC PETS

  • Dog Cookies with Antler - with CBD by 4DOGS / TNC PETS
  • Dog Cookies with Antler - with CBD by 4DOGS / TNC PETS
Dog Cookies with Antler - with CBD by 4DOGS / TNC PETS Dog Cookies with Antler - with CBD by 4DOGS / TNC PETS

These dog treats with deer antler powder have been supplemented with CBD, a natural plant substance found in hemp, vitamin B5 and active substances. They are a great snack for dogs to relieve stress and reduce pain. They can be served between meals, as a reward or as a walking or training treat. 

Recommendations: supplementing the diet of dogs with these deer antler treats has a positive effect on the mental and physical condition of the dog. Helps combat stress. Reduces pain. Recommended for dogs during convalescence, rehabilitation, with lowered immunity, exposed to stress and various pain ailments. Especially recommended for old dogs.

Properties of Antler Cookies with CBD


  • CBD has a calming and anti-stress effect

  • CBD inhibits hyperactivity and suppresses anxiety

  • CBD improves mood, reduces fatigue and tiredness

  • CBD supports the immune system

  • CBD has an analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect, relieves rheumatic pains

Active substances

  • Deer antlers. It has a high nutritional value and a high content of biologically active substances.  Regenerates cartilage and epithelial skin tissue. Has antioxidant properties. Provides endogenous amino acids. 

  • CBD. A natural substance found in hemp. Improves psychophysical condition, increases cognitive abilities of older animals.

  • Collagen. It ensures elasticity of tendons, stimulates synthesis and regeneration of cartilage tissue, and ensures proper secretion of joint fluid.

  • Exogenous amino acids. They ensure production of hormones, proper functioning of the nervous system, proper functioning of muscles and metabolism. They are responsible for biochemical processes in the body.

  • Pantothenic acid (vitamin B5). Reduces fatigue and tiredness, maintains proper energy metabolism.

  • Sweet Potato. They have a soothing effect on inflammation of the digestive system. A source of lycopene, which reduces the risk of cancer and heart disease.

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