Farm Food Trainers

We know from experience that when dogs are positively approached (during an exercise or training), they are motivated even more to do their best. With a tasty reward each dog works with more fun and attention. In the education or training of a puppy or an older dog,they can be used as a tasty, but healthy reward, they can also be used as a natural way to make your dog happy. During dog sports like flyball, agility or tracking, tasty rewarding snacks will give your dog more fun in the completion of the task.

But even if you do not go to dogsports, the Farm Food Trainer is an ideal small treat to get and keep the attention of your dog during a walk! Farm Food Trainers are not only extremely appetizing for your dog, they are also healthy and it is also free of additives.

Farm Food Trainers are small, hard, very tasteful pieces of dried beef heart . You can easily store several pieces in a bag inside your jacket or pants pocket without crumbling or become sticky. And as a trick during training or your daily walk we have a handy Farm Food waist bag, in which a little canister of Trainers easily fits!