Fish4Cats is part of the Fish4Dogs family, which means we have the same commitment to producing healthy and delicious pet food.

We understand that cats’ dietary requirements are completely different to dogs, which means our cat food recipes are specifically geared towards addressing their needs.

Like our dog food, our cat food products are all natural, premium quality ingredients – we use fully traceable raw materials, with no preservatives, additions, unnecessary bulking agents or colourings.

Finest Wet Cat Food

Winner of PATS, Telford 2018 New Cat Product Award, our complimentary wet can food is produced from sustainably sourced, premium quality fish and is available in 15 luxurious flavours to tempt even the fussiest of cats.

  • Tuna Fillet with Prawn
  • Tuna Fillet with Crab
  • Sardine and Mackerel
  • Tuna Fillet with Cheese
  • Tuna Fillet with Salmon
  • Tuna Fillet with Seaweed
  • Tuna Fillet with Anchovy
  • Tuna Fillet with Squid
  • Tuna Fillet with Green Lipped Mussel
  • Sardine with Anchovy
  • Mackerel with Shrimp
  • Sardine with Mussel
  • Mackerel with Squid
  • Sardine with Shrimp
  • Mackerel with Anchovy

Available in 70g cans.

Finest Dry Complete Food

High fish content kibble in 3 delicious flavours, now in smaller, even more appealing kibble size.

  • Sardine
  • Salmon
  • Mackerel


Finest Mousse

To compliment our dry food, Fish4Cats Finest mousse is available in both Salmon or Trout, grain free recipes. A delicious wat to ensure adequate hydration.

Available in 100g pouches.