Hug's raw cookable cat food

The long-term health benefits of raw food for dogs and cats are powerful and well-proven. In fact, both species evolved to thrive on natural whole food diets, which deliver optimal nutrition and are highly digestible, unlike standard pet food.

We know raw feeding isn’t right for every owner or pet. That’s why we created the only cookable raw pet food recipes out there – so no dog or cat has to go without.

The recipes in our cookable range are bone free, so they can be served raw or heated, whatever suits you. They’re packed with fresh meat, seasonal British vegetables, and a superfood mix of herbs and seeds, all sourced from hand-picked suppliers.

Each meal is complete, grain free, and provides a carefully developed mix of bioavailable vitamin and mineral supplements, along with antioxidants and essential fatty acids. Everything your pet needs for balanced, healthy eating.