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20 Jan 2019


DrNashGlycoHealth Stand: M18


This is a 100% natural honey product sourced in the UK. IminoHoney is unique in being quality-controlled for containing an iminosugar that is patented as a stimulator of the ‘healing’ type 1 immune response. As animals age they typically have weaker immune responses which makes them more prone to various infections and diseases. The iminosugar compound is extremely rare in Nature but by chance we found it occurred in a Mediterranean plant (Myrtus communis) but only when growing in Wales or Ireland. To cut a long story short we were able to find a specific type of honey naturally rich in this molecule and now offer this in single dose sachets for improving quality of life where supporting weak immune responses may be helpful.  Honey is well-known in traditional medicine for wound healing as bacteria cannot grow in such high sugar concentrations but typically honey only works when applied to the wound. IminoHoney also appears to act as an aid to wound healing when given in food or applied to the wound. IminoHoney seems to be unique in having an active iminosugar compound that is measurable in the product and is effective when taken as a food and distinguishes our product from other honeys such as Manuka.

Nash, R.J., Kato, A., Yu, C-Y., Fleet, G.W.J. (2011) Iminosugars as therapeutic agents: recent advances and promising trends. Future Med. Chem. 3 (12): 1513-1521



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