29 Jul 2019

Lead Mate UK

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Lead Mate UK Lead Mate UK

We are proud to be launching for the first time The “Lead Mate” and “Lead Mate & Leash Combo” voted best Leash product for 2019 by Reviewed.com & USA today available exclusively via “Berts Bows” for the UK, this product was designed specifically with arthritic or carpal tunnel-plagued owners in mind, the Lead Mate is an ergonomic attachment that ingeniously eliminates hazards that clutching at, tying knots in, or wrapping a leash around your wrist for greater control, can impose. When simply clipped on the desired portion of the leash, the lightweight, no-slip sphere—made of 100 percent recycled ABS plastic—provides superb grip and a thoroughly comfortable hand-hold, allowing walkers to effortlessly deal with pullers, and clearly transmit commands. The Lead Mate can also be used to couple two leashes together for a double dog walk, fasten a leash around your waist for a hands-free jaunt or jog, or used as a tether, for securing a leash to a table at an outdoor cafe. 

While you can purchase the Lead Mate with a 6-foot reflective nylon lead with padded neoprene handle, the Lead Mate attachment can be purchased separately and be used with any leash flat or rope styles—magically transforming it into one pretty near perfect product.

And as if this weren’t already a strong enough sell for animal lovers, the company donates its products and 10 percent of all profits to animal shelters. Several shelters were also involved with development and initial prototype testing. The Lead Mate comes in two colours, and two models intended to fit either flat or rope leashes.