13 Jan 2020

Lick PAW Pad

  • Lick PAW Pad
  • Lick PAW Pad
  • Lick PAW Pad
Lick PAW Pad Lick PAW Pad Lick PAW Pad

PAW Lick Pad

Active licking keeps the pet calm and entertained. It can also stimulate saliva production to improve digestive health. Spoil your four-legged friends with a healthy food licking game using the soft PAW Pad. It is perfect for sticky treats like yogurt, gravy, soggy biscuits or peanut butter.

Active Licking

Smear wet food or sticky treats on the PAW Pad to encourage active licking ‒ it’s another great way of slow feeding your pets!

Suction Cup Base

Each unit comes with three suction cup feet at
the back and can also be used vertically as a
distraction pad.

Reduce anxiety

Apart from the yummy taste, licking also stimulates the release of endorphin (the “feel good” hormone) which gives a feeling of comfort and pleasure to reduce anxiety.

Original Design Manufacturer

PAW Slow Feeder is originally designed by
PetDreamHouse ltd

Material Safety

Human standard food-grade materials, BPA-FREE, PVC-FREE. Dishwasher safe (top

Competitive Price

SPIN Slow Feeder retail price starts from £14.99 in the UK