04 Jan 2019

MDC Mobility Sling

  • MDC Mobility Sling
  • MDC Mobility Sling
MDC Mobility Sling MDC Mobility Sling

A simple way to lift and support the hindquarters of an infirm or immobile dog to aid mobility

Very easy to use, the sling can be put on in seconds. Following the advice of vets and nurses, there are no fiddly leg holes or coat catching Velcro! Designed and manufactured to our exact specifications, the soft, padded sling fits around the dog’s abdomen to support them as you help them to stand up. Incorporating a unique mesh ‘gusset’ our sling allows you to gently lift the dog’s hind limbs without applying undue pressure to their genitalia. This is especially beneficial to dogs that may suffer from urinary issues, incontinence or are recovering from abdominal surgery.

A combination of exceptional strength and comfort, the soft padded lining provides the necessary support whilst the nylon webbing straps add security. These straps can be adjusted to accommodate breeds of varying heights weighing up to 60kg in weight. One size fits most! Neoprene handles are kind on the hands and slide to the perfect position for individual users.