Mud Daddy Portable Washing Brush 5ltr

The multi-award winning Mud Daddy® is the perfect solution for cleaning, washing & rinsing dogs, boots, bikes… in fact anything that's dirty! 

We've all been there. Heading back to the car with that cheeky pooch who just had to lie in that puddle. Or the kids, wellies caked in mud just days after you had the car valeted. We have! and that’s why we invented the Mud Daddy.

The Mud Daddy is a totally mobile, compact, environmentally friendly solution to cleaning… well anything! It’s unique design uses water pressure rather than any type of motor, so it’s completely silent (perfect for dogs and horses) and requires no electricity.

You can use warm or cold water in your Mud Daddy and even mix in one of our shampoos for those extra scruffy hounds!


  • 5 litre water capacity
  • Heavy Duty
  • Silent action
  • 1.5m hose
  • Built-in sprayer\brush
  • Keep water warm up to 2.5 hours