31 Dec 2019

Onie Canine ONIE 2.0 - Training Dog Collar

The worlds best dog collar

This collar is in use by the United Kingdom Ministry of Defence

Adjustable, collar that fits medium to large sized dogs. These are an adjustable size of roughly 19"-23".

45mm Military specification 6613lbs breaking strain webbing

The buckle is the AustriAlpin ANSI D-Ring Cobra with a 4000lbs breaking strain

The Cobra Buckle is known as the best buckle in the world and is impossible to accidentally open

The incorporated D Ring allows the lead to be attached direct to the buckle

The collar features a built in webbing handle that allows you easy control of your working dog

The collar was designed for Security, Law Enforcement and Military use, however it is suitable for any dog that wants the worlds best collar