10 Aug 2021

ProDog Protect Allergy Defence Supplement For Dogs

ProDog Protect is an expertly formulated dietary supplement powder designed to be easily added to food. Suitable for dogs of all ages (from 24 weeks) regardless of size or breed. A blend of nature’s finest, human-grade botanics, nutraceuticals and superfoods, precisely balanced to act as an internal conditioner. Pr0tect is specifically formulated to help soothe irritation and ease discomfort through targeting the root cause of skin and gut allergies. By reinforcing gut health, the body’s inflammatory response is balanced, the immune system is supported; helping to prevent and ease histamine response.

Who is Protect Allergy Defence for?

ProDog Protect is extremely beneficial to ALL dogs. The fusion of nature’s most effective allergy busting ingredients has been specifically selected to help ANY dog suffering with allergies; regardless of size or breed. Through meticulous testing we’ve seen first-hand the results of adding Protect into a dog’s diet, exceptional gut health enhancement and consequently improved overall wellbeing, happiness and condition.