03 Aug 2018

Purely Fish Toppers for Dogs Range

Purely Fish toppers for dogs are a tasty, natural and healthy addition to complement your dogs regular diet.  Supplied in a handy gripper jar with a shaker lid for ease of use, toppers make your dog food tastier and more flavourful, while also increasing the nutritional value of the meal.

Our range of toppers for dogs are 100% natural, rich in naturally occurring Omega 3 oils, gluten free, hypoallergenic and low in calories, benefiting skin and coat condition, teeth and joint mobility, digestion and heart health.  Suitable for all dogs aged 4 months and upwards.

Our range of toppers for dogs currently consists of 2 Sku's as follows:

- Whitefish Topper for Dogs, 200g

- Redfish Topper for Dogs, 200g

RRP: £6.99 each

For more information or to purchase online, please visit: www.purelyfish.co.uk