31 Dec 2019

UKOM Onie Canine Kong Frog Lead (With Traffic Handle)

The Kong Frog lead is a super strong lead with a revolutionary directional connector which gives automatic clamping when coming into contact with the D-Ring or V-Ring on a dogs collar.

The Frog cannot be accidently opened, has over five and a half thousand lbs breaking strain and also allows the handler/owner to release when under strain.  The attributes of the Kong Frog make it the ideal lead clip for a dog lead (further information below)

The Traffic handle close to the Frog allows you to keep the dog close in various situations or just to keep the lead short when necessary.

The Onie Canine Range is manufactured by and a part of the UKOM Brand, offering high quality MIL Spec canine accessories suitable for the military and the security field. Products throughout this range are currently being worn by the British MoD and Police Force along with Close Protection and security services.

All products available in this range are UK Made and come with a lifetime guarantee.

The Kong Frog

With an innovating approach, that characterizes KONG, comes out Frog, a revolutionary directional connector, provided with an automatic clamping that takes place touching the anchor point.

Produced after a hard design in collaboration with Politecnico of Milan, Frog is a totally new connector, both in the appearance and in the mechanism.

Frog makes obsolete the concept of a carabiner thought as a "hook".

The insertion is extraordinary quick and safe, even in "far" anchor points, not easy to be reached with standard connectors. 
It automatically clamps coming into contact with anchor point.

-High quality product completely developed and produced in Italy.
-Tested piece by piece.


 Certification: CE EN362/A/T CE EN12275/A UIAA

 Material: Alu Alloy

 Main Axis Load: 26 Kilonewtons (5845lbs)

Weight: 50 grams