31 Dec 2019

UKOM Onie Canine Safety / Glow Dog Collar (Worlds Strongest K9 Collar)

ilitary/Law Enforcement Specification Dog Collar with Metal Cobra® 

The worlds Strongest dog collar

This collar uses a 50mm / 2" webbing that has over a 13000lbs Breaking Strain which is specially manufactured with a glow thread running through it to produce the highest level of reflection.

If you look at the picture of the collar on the chair you will see how bright it reflects light. This picture was taken with an IPHONE and the flash on. You can not even make out the collar as the reflection of the glow material is so bright.

Adjustable, collar that fits medium to large sized dogs. These are an adjustable size of roughly 19"-23".

The buckle is the AustriAlpin Hard Coated Cobra Buckle with a 4000lbs breaking strain

The Cobra Buckle is known as the best buckle in the world and is impossible to accidentally open but really easy to attach and unatach to the dog.

You attach the lead to the Parachute V Ring that has a 2500lbs Proof Load Test

The collar features a built in webbing handle that allows you easy control of your working dog

The collar was designed for Security, Law Enforcement and Military use, however it has been made in the Orange reflective webbing for those who just want the worlds strongest collar and also want to keep there dof safe and be able to find it at night quickly.